Group Policy

For larger organizations or teams, the introduction of new software that can be used throughout the entire company is always a challenge. It is important to ensure both that the new program runs on each workstation, and that it works uniformly in every workplace. For Lookeen, this usually means standardizing certain settings on each workstation or satisfying certain indexing requirements and constraints, for example. A central administrator usually performs large roll-outs. The Group Policy that we provide simplifies the roll-out of Lookeen (installation and license key distribution) significantly and requires no interaction at the individual workplace. The Lookeen GPO gives the administrator full control over the installation of the software, as well as over the implementation of settings and registries. In addition, the indexing and search of specific PST archives and Exchange Servers can be centrally controlled.


The following functions are possible with our Group Policy:

  • Centralized license key distribution
  • Full control over switching certain features on or off (e.g. installation wizard options, indexing of Exchange Servers, network data or Public Folders, indexing of PST files)
  • Creation and distribution of a specific Lookeen setting from a central location
  • Ability to set Lookeen settings and index path
  • Ability to add MAPI stores, archives and files
  • Control of Lookeen behavior in different Exchange Server modes (online, offline, uncached, cached)
  • Creation of settings for individual users (HKEY_CURRENT_USER) or entire computers (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)
  • Ability to add external indexes (Lookeen Enterprise Edition only)

Shared Index

By using the Lookeen Shared Index function (Lookeen Enterprise Edition only), your employees can access information from external indexes (i.e. from colleagues or team members) without each person having to activate the index. With Group Policy, the distribution and setting of the ”Shared Indexes” can be centrally managed and adjusted. We provide you with our GPO Guide, which contains extensive information about the roll-out of Lookeen on Citrix, VMware and Terminal Servers, sample ADM files, sample registry files, and more than 60 registry commands.

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