Targeted Search: The Lookeen Features

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of professional search technology, Lookeen offers the best search solution that currently exists on the market. For each search, Lookeen has numerous features that enable it to do what it does best: Be the fast, easy-to-use, search solution for all files in Outlook® and on your desktop. Lookeen quickly becomes the central search point for your PC.

Advanced Search Fields and Filter Functions

The more data you browse, the more important it is to be able to filter the results as accurately as possible. Lookeen has a variety of advanced search fields and effective functions available to further restrict your search results: For example, all correspondence with certain business partners can be displayed at the touch of a button, or you can filter search results by time, file format, and many other categories.

The 15 Most Important Features of Lookeen

  • Scans Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server
  • Desktop search in Windows® and on the entire network
  • Integrated directly into Outlook as a plugin
  • Compatible with virtual desktop environments like VMware®, Citrix® and Terminal Server
  • Supports all common file and graphic formats
  • No index or data limit
  • Clear presentation of search results
  • Advanced search query and filter functions
  • Quick preview of documents and images in the results window
  • Editing text documents in preview mode
  • Convenient rollout across the enterprise
  • Group Policy for administrators
  • All data is stored locally
  • Lifetime single-user license
  • Free support

The 3 Editions of Lookeen

You can purchase three different editions of Lookeen, depending on what your requirements are. The Standard Edition offers the basic package, the Business and Enterprise Editions provide you with additional features:

Standard Edition

  • Search in Outlook
  • Desktop Search

Business Edition

  • Search in Outlook
  • Desktop Search
  • Group Policies

Enterprise Edition

  • Search in Outlook
  • Desktop Search
  • Group Policies
  • Shared Index

*Lookeen Server

* Only the Enterprise Edition client software allows you to use the Lookeen Server, subject to additional costs.

What can each edition do? Read a detailed comparison of the features of each version of Lookeen here.

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