The Effective Desktop Search in VDI Environments

The virtualization of the Windows® client is a trend. More and more companies rely on virtual desktop environments, such as Citrix® or VMware®. However, the processing of search queries causes problems even with the two leading manufacturers: It often takes several minutes for search results to appear, or the search in VDI is unsuccessful. This interrupts workflows and hinders productivity because important information can’t be found.

Lookeen – the Solution for a Quick Search in VDI

Lookeen guarantees quick and easy full-text search in VDI systems. It integrates into virtual desktop environments and automatically indexes all data, such as emails, photos and documents. This is especially useful when searching through large amounts of data, because you can quickly lose the overview of all of your files. Lookeen runs on all Windows® operating systems and is compatible with virtual desktop environments such as CitrixVMware or Microsoft Remote Desktop. It can be quickly integrated in each terminal server system and supports PST archives, and Exchange Server Public Folders. Install Lookeen on your host system and work efficiently on any client – with the help of our Group Policy, Lookeen is a breeze to roll out on Citrix and terminal servers.

Lookeen Desktop Search is a Citrix Ready verified search solution for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments, so you can be sure that Lookeen will effectively enhance your search in Citrix VDIs.

Save Time, Increase Productivity

Within seconds, Lookeen provides the results to your search in VDI, which has a positive effect on your workflow. The complex sorting and arranging of information becomes unnecessary, so that you can concentrate on your core tasks. After a quick installation and data indexing, Lookeen is immediately a useful boost to your search in virtual desktop environments.

VDI Features

  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems and virtual desktop environments such as Citrix and VMware
  • Easy installation on the host system allows work on any client system
  • Uncomplicated rollout on VDI thanks to Group Policy
  • Reliable search
  • Easy to use
  • Lightning fast and clear results thanks to automatic indexing
  • Makes complex folder systems unnecessary
  • No more workflow interruptions from time consuming searches
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

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