Extensive Desktop Search in Terminal Server Environments

Terminal servers are already used in many large companies and are commonly known as the ‘cloud’. They enable worldwide access to data residing on a central host via Internet connection from the network. This makes it possible to use business data anywhere, on any device – like a tablet or smartphone, for example.

Advantage: It Is Convenient to Work on Terminal Servers

The cost for individual workstations is reduced, since expensive software no longer needs to be purchased for each client: The software is installed on a central host and the client system receives only graphical information from the terminal server, which it represents to the user. Therefore, the operating system only needs to be installed once, and the data is stored on the host. Terminal Servers are now usually provided with Citrix XenApp® 6 or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) from Microsoft.

Disadvantage: Desktop Search Does Not Work

The big advantage of a terminal server is, of course, its high user density. However, a high user density usually also means a vast number of documents and other files. If you’re looking for specific information, often only a good search function can help. The processing of search queries in these systems can repeatedly lead to considerable difficulties, since it simply doesn’t work. A good Desktop Search is important in a server environment, possibly even more so than on a regular desktop, since there’s so much more data and files to index. Lookeen will work with your Terminal Server environment.

Browse Terminal Server Environments Effectively with Lookeen

Lookeen starts where others desktop search tools stop: The software scans all emails, attachments, and documents in terminal server environments. Thanks to real-time indexing, all information is instantly available to search – annoying searches through individual folders are unnecessary. Try the Turbo Search on terminal servers and see the benefits of Lookeen for yourself. Your work is simplified, you save time and desktop search in Terminal Server environments is sped up enormously.

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