Citrix Desktop Search Runs Reliably and Effectively with Lookeen

Citrix® is one of the most popular virtual desktop environments: According to the company 99% of Fortune Global 500 companies use Citrix. In addition to its VDI called ‘XenDesktop®’, Citrix also provides terminal server applications. If you work in a virtual desktop environment, you have surely experienced either frustrating, or completely absent, results when using the native desktop search function.

A Verified Solution

Lookeen Desktop Search has completed a rigorous series of tests established by Citrix to ensure that we deliver fast, reliable and scalable search that is fully compatible with XenApp® and XenDesktop environments. Participation in the Citrix Ready® program demonstrates Lookeen’s ongoing commitment to solve search problems for all VDI users.

Lookeen Is Compatible with Virtual Desktop Environments

Where Outlook® or Windows® Search in Citrix fail across the board, Lookeen is used: Lookeen is compatible with VDI systems like Citrix or VMware® and integrates quickly into each terminal server. It searches not only your Outlook inbox and attachments, notes, tasks, appointments, files on the desktop and across the enterprise, but also all data on Exchange servers and public folders and network files in Citrix environments.

Lightning Fast Search of All Data in Citrix Environments

Especially for VDI systems with vast amounts of data, a search tool can be a great help. Lookeen finds documents, pictures, emails and other files in record time, with the help of central indexing. The time spent sorting and organizing data, as well as time waiting for search results, is reduced enormously – Lookeen increases your productivity because you can use your time at work more meaningfully than with lengthy and ineffectual searches.

Simplify the Search

Clear, fast, intuitive – Lookeen is the perfect desktop search tool for any company that works with Citrix. The award-winning search tool leaves all indexed data centrally inside the company – indexed information will not be sent to external servers because your data security is paramount.

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