Real Control through Group Policy

For larger organizations or teams, introducing a new software that will be used throughout the company is always a challenge. It is important to not only ensure that the new program will run on any workstation, but also that it works the same way from any location. For Lookeen enterprise search, this usually means that certain settings at each workstation should be identical or certain indexing requirements and constraints must be met.

Easy Company-Wide Installation

There’s a reason Lookeen has been installed more than 500,000 times worldwide. The simple, enterprise-wide installation of Lookeen is guaranteed by a centrally controlled rollout, extensive Group Policy (GPO) and ADM files. These are available only with the purchase of the Business or Enterprise Edition. Configure, restrict and roll-out: Using the GPO controls supplied by Lookeen, system administrators can centrally install, set up, and roll-out Lookeen to your company, without having to interact with each individual workplace. Only with the Lookeen Business or Enterprise Edition can you control which employees can search what Exchange Server or public folder with Lookeen. The indexing and searching of PST files can also be controlled by Group Policy. With our Business or Enterprise Edition you can enable numerous functions which make it easy to manage multiple licenses.

Minimal Administration

An automated installation with default settings requires minimal management from your IT department: Lookeen can be installed on any computer in your business, and allows central rollout and management. An alternative option is to use your own centralized software distribution system for the installation of Lookeen on individual workstations.

Business Edition

With the Business Edition we provide ADM files, which can be tailored individually to your business. With these files, you can easily roll out Lookeen companywide – even unattended installations are possible. The ADM files are available for 32- and 64-bit systems and contain 99 settings, which are explained in our GPO-Guide. It allows you to centrally manage, for example, license key distribution or the setup of the Lookeen options during rollout.

Enterprise Edition

In the Enterprise Edition, all functions of the Business Edition are included, plus you have the option to add external indices to your own index. So, with just one click you can include the indices of your employees in your search queries. This function reduces duplicate work on the system, which not only conserves memory and processor resources, but also reduces the load on the system.

GPO Features

The following functions & more can be implemented with our group policy:

  • Centralized license key distribution
  • Individual features on and off (e.g. Installation Wizard options, indexing of Exchange servers, network data or public folders, indexing of PST files)
  • Generating and distributing a central Lookeen settings file
  • Set Lookeen Settings and Index Path
  • Adding MAPI and Archive Stores
  • Control of Lookeen behavior in different modes of the Exchange server (online, offline, uncached, cached)
  • Settings Configuration – settings for individual user (HKEY_CURRENT_USER) or entire computer (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)
  • Add external indexes (Lookeen Enterprise Edition only)
  • Support for multi-tenant systems and roaming profiles

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