Instantly Search Networks with Lookeen

Lookeen searches not only local folders, but also the entire network – you can quickly and accurately filter the best results from a huge amount of data with a simple desktop search. Network search like this saves you and your colleagues valuable working time and helps your business become even more profitable.

Network Search with Lookeen is a Breeze

Lookeen Enterprise Search indexes not only all the data on hard drives, Exchange servers, and in Outlook®, but also in the entire network. Lookeen searches not only your local inbox and your desktop data, but all network files and directories stored on the network, both via their UNC path and via network drives throughout the company. Your employees will always working with the most current documents, saving them from work duplication.

Practical Features and Filtering Capabilities

With the help of numerous search functions and filters, missing or even long-lost documents and content can be quickly and accurately found thanks to Lookeen. The preview feature shows you, for example, a quick view of the contents of a document or email – these can be edited without having to open the program itself. Individual search terms are highlighted in color in preview mode, giving you a clear overview of the results. Using the advanced search options you can filter the results to, for example, certain file formats or time-periods, so you can get your information more quickly.

Reduced Workload Thanks to the Shared Index

The Shared Index allows you to embed external indices so that your employees can browse the shared and centrally indexed Outlook data and the network, without having to index it themselves. Thanks to extensive Group Policy integration, searching and maintaining the Shared Index is easy. The advantages: reduced utilization and traffic on Exchange servers and networks, as well as less processor and memory resources needed by users – this saves valuable time, not least for the end user.

Always up to Date

Thanks to regular updates, Lookeen is always up to date – so you are prepared for the future of search. To give you an idea of how it works, the download includes a trial version of Lookeen with no obligation to buy: You can test all the features and functionality in your corporate environment before deciding to purchase. Do you have suggestions, requests or questions? Then contact us via email – we look forward to receiving your feedback to help make Lookeen even better.

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