Lookeen Server – Powerful Enterprise Search Technology

If you need an advanced enterprise search software for your company, which guarantees full control and absolute overview of your data at all times, you use the Lookeen Server. This Enterprise Search technology guarantees that every employee can access the most recently available information in your company at all times – with higher performance, higher speed, and higher security.

Comprehensive Enterprise Search for Your Business

With Lookeen Server, you benefit from all of the knowledge within your organization. Today, profitable companies can no longer do without highly functional and reliable IT infrastructures – the Lookeen Server is therefore aimed at all companies that want to take the centralization of enterprise search one step further. The Lookeen Server scans all corporate sources, applying all user rights from the Active Directory®. The professional enterprise search software enables a search for all popular file formats in a variety of locations: from the Exchange Server, Citrix®, VMware® and Terminal servers to file servers, Lookeen creates a central index for all of the data. Each employee can then, following their individual user rights, quickly find all of the information relevant to them. This not only saves working time, it is also easy on memory and processor resources and reduces network traffic and the load on the system.

Quick and Easy to Install

The installation of Lookeen Server is very easy: With just a few clicks the software can be set up on a standard Windows server – the rollout is centrally controlled with Group Policy, so that separate installation at each workstation is unnecessary. After installation, all network resources that have been allocated to each workstation are automatically indexed. While this initial indexing may take some time, you can still perform your first searches while it’s indexing.

Full Control with Maximum Security

The central index is searchable by every employee in the company via a Lookeen client, while following individual user rights. The Lookeen Server is centrally hosted in the corporate network, and is used to manage all Lookeen clients. Using the Windows Group Policy Management, Lookeen is centrally controlled. The integration of Windows Active Directory rights structures, internal hosting, SSL encryption, and additional internal encryption ensures that all sensitive corporate data remains protected.

Three Components: Indexer Service, Gateway, Management Console

The Lookeen Server consists of three constituent components. The Lookeen Server Indexer Service indexes public folders from Exchange servers, network files and mailboxes. All this information is stored in a central index, which uses real-time indexing – this will make sure that any changes in files or user rights are immediately updated and implemented. The Lookeen Server Gateway is the interface to the Lookeen client and scans the index based on input from the employee search terms. The Lookeen Server Management Console is the control point from which IT admins can centrally control the server side, edit all settings and run tests.

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