Desktop Search for Your PC

Do you use a detailed filing system for your documents, but still struggle to find files when you need them? Do you often forget what you’ve named certain documents? Does the native search application frequently fail to find the documents you need?

Lookeen was created with exactly these issues in mind. Lookeen is an award-winning alternative to Windows® search and can search all files on your PC – no matter where they are stored. Use Lookeen as a comprehensive desktop search for your entire computer in order to cope with the flood of information.

Lookeen indexes all data on your hard drive, as well as external drives and network folders. Easily search through your personal folders for documents such as Word, Excel or PDF files, images, and much more. The results of your searches begin to show up as soon as you start typing. Search terms are highlighted in the results list, and you can easily see your documents in the preview window.

Lookeen will also index your Outlook® data, including Outlook archives, public folders, tasks, notes, attachments, contacts, and journals.

Benefits of Using Lookeen Desktop Search

  • Save Time

    Find everything you need in one click, never waste another moment on ineffective manual search.

  • Find Anything

    Can’t remember exact file names or locations? Search inside file and email content means you’ll never have to again.

  • Take Action

    Manage your data all in one place. Move files, forward emails, or copy documents directly from Lookeen.

  • Be Prepared

    View, edit, and summarize your data. Arrive at your next meeting perfectly prepared.

  • Search Effectively

    Use advanced filters and syntax to pinpoint exactly the data you’re looking for.

  • Search Efficiently

    See results as you type to instantly access the information you need.

Desktop Search with Real-Time Indexing

Lookeen automatically indexes local folders and network paths in real time, so that the integrated desktop search quickly provides reliable and up-to-date search results from your local and network data. Lookeen is the central desktop search tool for all data on your PC. Thanks to the real time indexing, moments after an email or a file in the system is altered, Lookeen is updated and they immediately become available to search.

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