Many Desktop Search Features

Lookeen uses an index – one can imagine something like the index of a book. With the help of the index, Lookeen can locate data such as emails or documents and access this information, greatly increasing the search speed: Browsing an index is much more effective than combing through files and folders. Lookeen therefore finds your emails, documents, and files, with the help of the index, in record time.

Optimal Results Thanks to Real Time Indexing

Indexes are often updated only periodically, so that changes to documents are only applied the the index after certain time periods. Inaccurate search results are the consequence of this approach. Lookeen, in contrast, works with real time indexing: The index is updated automatically every time a file is added, deleted, or modified. The system is immediately informed and the Lookeen index is updated accordingly, which means that your search results are always up to date. The permanent synchronization speeds up and improves all searches in Lookeen, making it more efficient and faster than, for example, Windows® Search.

Additional Features: Filters, Categories, Preview

Lookeen impresses users with numerous additional features, including more than 25 filter options that make it more accurate than any other desktop search. In the results list, you can further restrict your search with just one click on various categories. You can customize these by selecting which categories you want to appear in the menu. You can also determine the number of lines of a results element to preview: By clicking on the corresponding field can you show zero, one, two or three lines. In addition, you can directly edit & save changes to text documents, such as Word or Excel® files, in our desktop search preview mode without having to open the original program. If you select the thumbnail in the menu, you can display picture files in different sizes. Advanced search fields mean that you can narrow down your search even further: you can filter for a specific file format, date range, a keyword, and more.

Wildcards, Boolean Operators and Search-as-you-Type

Lookeen also works with wildcards. These are placeholders that you can use if you only know part of the search term. In this case, all content starting or ending with a particular string are displayed. You can also use Boolean operators such as “AND” and “NOT” to include or exclude certain search terms. Thanks to incremental search, Lookeen proposes results while you type. You also have the ability to save searches as Favorites. Through the highlighting function your search words in the results list are highlighted so it’s easy to identify all relevant documents at first glance.

Dog Documents in which the term ‘dog’ appears
Dog cat Documents in which the terms ‘dog’ and ‘cat’ appear
Dog photos -Cat Documents in which the term "Dog" and the term "Photos" occurs, but not the term "Cat"
"Dog breeding" Documents in which the exact term "dog breeding" occurs
C?t* Cat, cats, cut, cuts, cot, cottage, cots etc. The parameter ? stands for one single letter, the parameter * for any number of characters.
"Dog breeding"~10 The terms ‘dog’ and ‘breeding’ occur at a distance of no more than 10 words from each other

Desktop Features

  • Integrated in the Systray and accessible through CTRL-CTRL
  • Support of all popular file formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, PHP, TXT, RTF, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, GIF, etc.
  • Searches not only file names, but also the contents of the files
  • Search-as-you-type function for search results at record speed
  • Multiline preview and color marking of search words in the results list
  • Desktop search preview option to edit files
  • Creates a history of all search queries
  • Search queries can be saved as favorites and quickly reused
  • Advanced search filters with wildcards and Boolean operators

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