Premium File Search For All Windows Users

Do you often find yourself wasting time searching in vain for files or documents on your PC, and still finding nothing? Is your conventional desktop search tool too slow when you’re browsing your PC? Are you looking for a faster, more accurate search tool?

Lookeen File Search Doesn’t Disappoint

File search is a common issue for Windows users. The native Windows search function doesn’t always find what you’re looking for, and oftentimes finds nothing at all. It’s also difficult to use. Performing a search from the search bar in Windows 7, for example, will give different results than performing the exact same search in the Windows File Explorer. Windows also doesn’t enable you to search the content of files by default. If you’re looking for specific file content, you’ll have to make some changes to the Windows Indexing Options first.

Why go to the hassle of performing multiple unsuccessful file searches when there are programs that use optimal search settings as default?

Lookeen builds and index of all of your Outlook data, files, network drives, public folders, and more. It will even index external drives if you ask it to. This index includes email, attachment, document, and task content by default. This means that when you enter a search term into Lookeen, it will search through absolutely everything. This also means that sometimes you’ll get a lot of results, but this isn’t a problem – simply use the inbuilt filters to narrow down your search.

PC Search Software for all Windows Users

A PC search engine like Lookeen will help you keep track of the files on your computer thanks to fast and effective desktop search across an unlimited number of files. The index guarantees that all results to your search term are displayed at lightning speed. The search words are highlighted in different colors in the list of results, and can also be narrowed down using filtering options. In the preview window, you can directly view found files — you can even edit and save text files without having to open them outside of Lookeen.

Save Time and Money

Use Lookeen and not only save yourself a lot of stress, but save time and money too. Thanks to its high search speed and numerous functions, Lookeen is the perfect desktop search tool for anyone who doesn’t want to waste any more time on the hunt for lost data. Lookeen is easy to use, reliable, and provides numerous additional functions, which guarantees that it finds what you’re looking for.

File Search Features

  • Easy installation
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface
  • Index and search for an unlimited number of files on all drives
  • Results are always up to date, thanks to real time indexing
  • Significant acceleration of the search speed compared to conventional desktop search
  • Support of all popular file formats
  • Highlighting of keywords in the results list
  • Quick view in the search results window
  • Edit and save text files in preview mode
  • Save searches as favorites
  • Advanced search filters and wildcard search

Learn more about the features of Lookeen Desktop Search here.

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