Full Control over All of Your Data

Have you ever forgotten where you saved a document, or urgently needed a specific email to be able to continue to work? Find everything you are looking for in a matter of seconds with Lookeen – whether on the desktop or in Outlook®, on the Exchange Server or in public folders, network or virtual desktop (VDI).

Easy to Use

Thanks to the intuitive user interface and ease of use, Lookeen quickly becomes an integral part of your everyday work. All the tedious and ineffective searches using Outlook® or Windows® search are a thing of the past – Lookeen guarantees a more efficient and faster way of working. Try Lookeen search for yourself and enjoy your newfound freedom.

Integrates Directly into Outlook and Windows

Lookeen is integrated into your Outlook as a search bar and can also be opened by double pressing the CTRL key in Windows. In contrast to other search tools, you don’t need to open a new program, but can start a search easily from Outlook or from anywhere you’re working on your PC. Lookeen is not limited to a certain number of files – it searches all of your emails, attachments, appointments, calendar entries, notes, documents, photos and more. Forget being worried about missing or lost data – with this powerful search solution, the flood of information is no longer a problem for you.

Clear Presentation and Multiple Search Features

Rather than having to click through a complicated and extensive folder system, you can simply enter a keyword in the Lookeen search box – the results are displayed immediately. Thanks to the colored highlighting of your search words you can see which results are relevant at a glance. The search results can also be limited using many advanced filter features like filtering by file format, time period, or contact name. You can further refine your search with wildcards and Boolean operators. You can also edit and save changes to documents in preview mode, without having to open the actual file. This all saves you valuable work time.

Prepare for Meetings

You can use the filter function to clearly show correspondence between certain contacts about a certain topic. The conversation history can be transformed into a text document with just one click so that you have a complete summary of all previous correspondence. Arrive at your next meeting perfectly prepared.

Easy Installation - Even Enterprise-Wide

Lookeen runs on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista and is compatible with MS Remote Desktop, Citrix®, and VMware® VDI. Thanks to extensive group policies (GPO), installation and rollout are very straightforward, even in large companies. Lookeen is installed with a few clicks and starts indexing all of your data immediately after installation. Lookeen is a verified solution for Citrix virtual environments, so easy roll out in your Citrix VDI is guarantee.

Search Results at Record Speed

Thanks to the index, Lookeen returns your search results in a matter of seconds. Real-time indexing means that the index is always kept up to date on your server, so that you are always working with the latest information. The Shared Index in the Enterprise Edition even enables you to embed external indexes, so that each work terminal doesn’t need to index files separately. This saves you and your staff work duplication.

Security Is Our Priority

Your data remains with you – without compromise. Your files, as well as the Lookeen index, remain locally stored on your servers. The Central Administration of all work terminals using GPO ensures that the enterprise-wide configuration of all clients is also done securely and reliably.

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