Learn how Lookeen works – professional how-to videos explain the features of our award-winning desktop search tool. See how intuitive and easy it is to use Lookeen. Need more information about one feature in particular? Please feel free to contact us or browse our help page.

Introduction to Lookeen for Desktop Search | Lookeen

An introduction to Lookeen Desktop Search, our Windows desktop and Outlook search technology. This video outlines the main features of Lookeen for Windows. Learn how you can find files, emails and documents in record time.

Introduction to Lookeen for Outlook Search | Lookeen

An introduction to Lookeen, our Windows desktop and Outlook search technology. Learn how you can find emails, attachments and more in record time with the Lookeen Outlook add-in.

How to Download and Install Lookeen | Lookeen

The easiest way to start searching with Lookeen. Learn how to download Lookeen from any browser step by step. Install and set up Lookeen to your preference – add drives, integrate into Outlook, and more!

How to Set Up & Expand Your Index | Lookeen

Learn more about how you can add, remove and change sources in your index to be able to to improve the speed and accuracy of Lookeen and find exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

How to Customize Lookeen Options | Lookeen

Learn how to customize the Lookeen options to suit your search style. This video covers every option the average Lookeen user will need: when, what and where to index, how to add new file types to index, how to blacklist slow networks, how to speed up or slow down indexing, and much more.

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