Enterprise Search with Lookeen: Minimal Effort, Maximum Performance

Enterprises face a constant battle to manage and utilize the huge amounts of data generated by daily work activities. Finding answers in the mess of documents, emails, folders and other forms of data created each day is a daunting challenge.

Research giant AIIM hit the nail on the head when they wrote “Content without access is worthless”. Being unable to effectively access enterprise data presents a significant cost to organizations through wasted time, effort duplication, reduced productivity, and more. According to a study by German analysts Aboslit, companies lose 10.6 billion Euros a year through inefficient email search alone.

In order to be able to handle larger volumes of data, and to take advantage of the flood of information, an effective enterprise search engine like Lookeen is essential. Lookeen enterprise search solves many of the costly problems associated with ineffective information access.

Benefits of Using Enterprise Search in your Company

In the modern digital workplace, enterprise search solutions enable employees to find the information they need, when they need it, in order to be productive and effective in their work.

Lookeen’s enterprise search solution helps you empower your employees: Rapid access to important information enables workers to take action, make informed decisions, complete tasks, close a deal, or teach a colleague.

Secure and scalable enterprise search is an invaluable asset to modern companies. Lookeen places great importance on data security: it supports all data exclusively on your own infrastructure (on-premise) and stores the data in encrypted form.

Enterprise search enables each user to:

  • Experience enhanced personal productivity
  • Have direct, unified access to all information
  • Gain insight and meaning from company data
  • Make more well-informed decisions
  • Learn from the company knowledge base
  • Add value to your business processes

Easy Integration through Central Rollout

The Lookeen enterprise search engine is easy to use, it integrates directly into Outlook as an add-in and can be centrally distributed and managed thanks to Group Policy (GPO). The administrative burden during the installation of Lookeen Enterprise Search on individual computers is minimal – alternatively you can also use your own centralized software distribution system for installation and synchronization. The GPOs simplify the rollout of Lookeen significantly and require no interaction at the individual workplace. The GPOs give the administrator full control over the installation of the software, creating settings and managing registry entries. Also, the indexing and search of certain PST archives and Exchange Servers can be centrally controlled.

A Resource-Light Search Engine

You can access and search these archives with Lookeen Enterprise Search in the future. This is done very easily by passing over the index path: Individual users can now simultaneously browse personal and shared index sources. Your employees can access external information indices (e.g. from colleagues or team members) without having to actively index these data themselves. With Group Policy, the distribution and management of shared indexes can be centrally managed and adjusted. Interested in a central index hosted in a server instead of individually created indices? Learn here about why the Lookeen Server is the right solution for you.

Please note: All data in the shared index is fully searchable by all users – Active Directory Rights are not taken into account. If you want a central index for your business that utilizes Active Directory®, we recommend the Lookeen Server. This is designed for use in large organizations.

Enterprise Features

  • Enterprise Search in Outlook®, local and network files and network directories (UNC path or network drives)
  • Search Exchange Server in cached- and uncached mode, including public folders
  • Search for emails, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, documents, PST files, archives and much more
  • Extremely fast scanning speed thanks to automatic real-time indexing
  • Reliable results
  • Minimal effort for IT administration
  • Easy rollout and centralized management across the enterprise thanks to GPO
  • Shared Index access to external indices without native indexing
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Clear presentation of the search results
  • Seamless integration into Outlook

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