The Better Windows Search: Lookeen

Do you want to search your entire PC for files without laboriously clicking through individual folders? Are you unhappy with the built-in Windows® search in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10? Do you need reliable, accurate desktop search software for Windows? If you want a better Windows Search experience then you should try a Windows Search alternative…

Problems with the Conventional Windows Search

Lookeen is the solution to the problem of the time-consuming and inconclusive search inquiries made with Windows search. Although the native search has been improved in newer operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, and even though there are other desktop search tools Windows users can download, they cannot beat the professional functions of Lookeen. In Windows 7, for example, the whole drive isn’t automatically indexed so the search results are often incomplete. Also, manually updating the index or even resetting the whole system to a restore point can often only resolve faulty or inconclusive searches. In Windows 8, many users criticize the cumbersome selection of the search function on the charm bar. In addition, Windows search is often unbearably slow and doesn’t work in virtual desktop environments at all.

A better Windows Search experience requires that the program itself have an attention to detail that a tool of this caliber needs. Microsoft don’t put all of their focus into creating the better Windows Search tool, because there are hundreds if not thousands of functions that need their attention when creating the next Windows version or update. This is where a search tool like Lookeen is better suited for your needs. Our main focus is search, and we have developed a better Windows Search tool specifically to improve your search experience.

A Pure Search Solution

While Windows created their search function only as part of a larger operating system, Lookeen was developed purely for search. That’s the reason you should choose Lookeen: With a strong focus on search, Lookeen is the ideal Windows search alternative. When selecting an alternative to Windows Search, it’s an important part of any business decision to evaluate how the alternative is positioned. Lookeen is available as a stand-alone Windows tool that covers all search needs, however its great strength also lies in its ability to integrate seamlessly into Outlook. Native Windows search can’t match the power of Lookeen: Users of Lookeen will enjoy the familiar Windows and Outlook interface, while gaining a more powerful full-text search tool that can drill-down into their data. Companies and individuals alike will be able to get a complete overview of their data with specialized search filters that aren’t available in Windows search.

A complete and searchable overview of Outlook emails and stored company data is a powerful competitive advantage. As companies continue to find ways to create value from their existing data, it’s important for them to to evaluate the time-commitments needed to find that data. In any modern business environment, the major cost factors are time and money. Lookeen in any environment will save both. As native Windows search pivots to Internet searches alongside the Windows desktop search, Lookeen stays focused on perfect search results for the enterprise and individual user, without sharing that data online.

The Reliable Windows Search Alternative

Lookeen, in contrast, indexes all local folders and network paths automatically and in real-time, so that it finds matching search results instantaneously. This makes Lookeen a high-performance replacement for the native Windows search. The real time indexing ensures that all files and changes are immediately recognized and included in the search: Lookeen’s index is updated a few seconds after a new file is created or changes are made. Lookeen is simple and easy to use Just press the Ctrl button twice and the Lookeen search bar opens, no matter where you are in Windows. Lookeen also searches VDI reliably and at record speed.

Lookeen Browses Your Computer for You

Lookeen searches your entire computer for files, just like Windows search, but works much faster and more reliably. The amount of information stored on any PC is always increasing, so a powerful search function is essential. You will always have your data on hand when it’s required and you won’t waste any more time with tedious searches. Thanks to the numerous filter functions you can always keep track of your files with Lookeen – be it photos, Word, Excel®, or PDF files. The desktop search Windows users were looking for, Lookeen finds what you need, when you need it.

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