Easily Search PST Files with Lookeen

Have you saved so much information and data in Outlook®, that your personal store (PST) file is growing too large? Does the standard Outlook search reach its limits when you try to search your PST file? Do you want to be able to search across multiple .pst files?

The Solution for Fast PST File Searches

Lookeen is our answer to your problem. Since the introduction of Outlook 2010 the .pst file can grow up to 50 GB, in Outlook 2003, it was only up to 20 GB. To search this huge amount of data with Outlook search is often time consuming and inefficient. Lookeen is the perfect alternative tool to search through one or more .pst files, since it works at lightning speed and is always up to date thanks to real time indexing.

Effective and Reliable Search in PST Files

Lookeen automatically indexes not only all files on the Exchange Server and in Outlook (including .pst and .ost files), but also on the hard drive and across the network. The .pst file can be stored in any place on your hard drive or on the network – as soon as it has been added in your Outlook and indexed once, it is included in your search query and subsequent results.

Easy to Use, Clear Results

It is a breeze to use Lookeen’s PST search software, thanks to the intuitive user interface: Lookeen is integrated in your Outlook as a tab and as a toolbar, so you only need to enter a keyword into the new toolbar to get the matching results in a matter of seconds. Keywords are marked in different colors so that you receive a clearly structured overview of your search results.

Save Valuable Time with Lookeen

A PST search software like Lookeen can help you browse your PST files, save yourself valuable time, and reduce stress. With Lookeen you find what you need, when you need it, guaranteed. No matter how large your PST file is – Lookeen searches quickly and efficiently according to your needs.

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