Fast and Reliable Email Search

Is a meeting about to start and you need to find an old email or attachment quickly?

Do you need to find an old email or attachment quickly before a meeting starts? Do you want to be able to search multiple email accounts simultaneously? Do you have trouble remembering email subjects, or when particular emails were sent? Not a problem, all you need is some email search tools! Lookeen will find your email, guaranteed. Simply type any relevant keyword into the Lookeen search bar and Lookeen will immediately display a list of the best results. Still can’t find what you were looking for? Narrow down your results with the easy-to-use filters and sorting columns. You can filter by sender, date, subject, attachments, and more.

Easily view your emails in their original format from the preview window, or immediately take action, straight from the results list. You can reply to or forward emails with a simple right click. Summarize email content, or extract email addresses using the context menu. Lookeen’s flexible options make managing email easy, making it one of the best email search tools.

Email Search in Any Inbox

Lookeen can access any email account you connect to Outlook. As far as email search tools go Lookeen will be able to search through your Gmail, Hotmail, and multiple other IMAP and POP3 accounts directly with the Lookeen add-in.

Quickly find emails, appointments, events, tasks and more with Lookeen.

Better Search Performance with Real Time Indexing

Lookeen creates an index of your data in order to locate files such as emails or attachments. This increases the search speed enormously: It’s much more effective to search an index than individual files and folders. With the help of its search index, Lookeen will quickly find emails, attachments, calendar entries, or tasks that contain a specific search word.

Often indexes are only updated periodically with other email search tools, which means that changes to documents are only updated after a certain period of time, resulting in an inaccurate search performance. In contrast, Lookeen works with real-time indexing: The index updates itself automatically every time a change is made. Your search results are always the most up-to-date version available on the server.

Lookeen: Best Email Search Tool

Lookeen’s Outlook search add-in has won multiple awards and will be the best email search tool that will help you regain full control over your email. Lookeen finds emails in record time and with maximum reliability. Learn more about what makes Lookeen the best email search tool:

Lookeen Features

  • Installation in just a few clicks, easy operation
  • Integrated add-in to Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365
  • Massive improvement of search speed compared to conventional search systems
  • The most up to date search results thanks to real time indexing
  • Search all popular file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, PHP, TXT, RTF, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, GIF, etc.
  • Clear presentation of search results
  • Colored marking of the search keywords
  • Full preview of search results
  • Edit and save documents in preview mode
  • Display and summarize correspondence with individuals or groups at the touch of a button
  • Save and reuse search queries
  • Many search filters and advanced search queries

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