Search Public Folders Easily with Lookeen

Do you work on an Exchange Server and often fail to get results when searching through Public Folders for important files? Does Outlook Search fail to find items in your Public Folders? Are you frustrated when searching for documents for projects because you have to search through a complicated and widely branched network of Public Folders?

The Solution for All Those Who Need to Search through Public Folders

Lookeen is the solution for your problem: It automatically indexes Public Folders on the Exchange Server in cached and uncached mode. Public Folders are a viable alternative to Microsoft® SharePoint®, since they can share data amongst many users, as long as they have permission to access them. The more users there are, the more data is shared and created, it becomes very easy to lose an overview the folder structure.

Always up to Date with Real-Time Indexing

Lookeen helps everything go faster: thanks to automatic indexing, all information created in shared Public Folders is displayed in the search results. The individual files for multiple users are accessible, but you’re wasting precious work time by having to browse click by click through multiple Public Folders. Instead, simply enter a keyword in the search bar of Lookeen and it searches through all public folders and all popular file formats for your keyphrase. Thanks to real time indexing, the index automatically updates once a file has been modified, are the search results always up to date. This way, Lookeen guarantees that all employees can always work with the latest version of a document.

Reduced Network Load Thanks to a Shared Index

The shared index allows you to embed external indexes, so that your employees can search the same locations, without needing to index them on their own terminals. Through the use of the Lookeen’s shared index function, available with the purchase of the Enterprise Edition, your staff can also access the content of external indexes that colleagues and team members have created.

Use Lookeen to Save Time and Reduce Stress

The ease of use and highly efficient search speed make Lookeen the perfect tool for those who want to search through Public folders. There is a reason that more than 30,000 companies in 130 countries use the technology. Rely on our software to search at record speed, and find your way through the flood of information in the workplace.

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