Powerful Lookout Alternative – Lookeen

Did you use Lookout before it went off the market, and are you now looking for a Lookout download or another alternative to the conventional Outlook® search? Do you need a fast and comprehensive search tool for Outlook, like Lookout used to be?

The Solution: Lookeen as a Lookout Alternative

With Lookeen we have developed a powerful Lookout alternative for you. Lookeen is a search tool that works as well as Lookout by indexing and searching through large amounts of data in a matter of seconds. After Lookout was acquired by Microsoft® in 2003 and the support of the search tool was discontinued, it left a significant gap in the usability of Outlook for many companies and private users.

Easy to Use, Fast and Reliable

Lookeen is a really fast and easy to use index search alternative to Lookout. Lookeen replaces the conventional Outlook search with its search technology based on the open source Lucene project, like Lookout was. Lucene is considered to be one of the best and fastest search libraries in the world.

Automatic Indexing of All Files

Thanks to the automatic indexing of emails, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, calendar entries, PST files, archives and more, Lookeen is able to search through all files for your desired information. The Exchange Server and Public folders can also be included in the index with just one click. The Lookeen toolbar is completely integrated into Outlook view so that it is simple and familiar to use from the outset.

Clear Presentation of the Search Results

To start a search, simply start typing into the Lookeen search bar. Your results will appear as you type. The search terms are highlighted in different colors, so you can find the appropriate search results with a quick glance. You can also see your documents in preview mode, and even edit and save them from Lookeen, without having to open the actual file.

Trust Lookeen as a Lookout Alternative

Even though a Lookout download is no longer an option, Lookeen is here for you, boasting even more and better features. Forget unsuccessful or lengthy searches in Outlook, and rely instead on the high search speed and efficiency of Lookeen.

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