Exchange Server Search with Lookeen: Fast and Efficient

Do you work with an Exchange Server and have trouble finding a file or information that you need? Do you need a fast and reliable Exchange Server and Outlook search solution?

The Solution for Everyone Who Needs Reliable Exchange Server Search

Lookeen offers the best solution for anyone who needs a user friendly search solution to find relevant information from a vast number of emails, and to filter files and other important documents on the Exchange Server. It is very simple to use: the Lookeen toolbar is seamlessly integrated into Outlook® and search results are clearly displayed in a pop-up window.

Search through All Exchange Server Data

The secure exchange of files through a collaborative software such as an Exchange Server is extremely practical for companies across multiple locations. However an efficient exchange search tool is necessary for all employees to be able to productively use the mountains of data generated in the company. The increasing number of emails and files presents a daunting task to a conventional Exchange search system. With Lookeen you make search easy for yourself and your employees: Lookeen can be integrated into the Exchange Server and all public folders with one click, and finds everything the user has permission to access.

Lightning Fast Exchange Server Search Thanks to Indexing

Lookeen searches in emails, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes, and contacts on the Exchange Server – all files are indexed automatically and in real time, so you don’t lose time on inconclusive searches. PST archives and public folders in the cached and uncached mode are also automatically indexed. Thanks to the plugin, you always have the latest information available, no matter whether you are working with, or without, Microsoft® Exchange Server, because the real time indexing ensures that your search results are always up to date.

Conserve Resources with Shared Index

To index all shared Outlook and network data in the enterprise in one central location – this is the purpose of the shared index. You gain the advantages of this feature with the purchase of the Enterprise Edition: reduced load and traffic on Exchange Servers and networks, less CPU and memory resources used on individual terminals, as well as saving valuable working time.

Trust in Lookeen

With Lookeen you will find everything you are looking for, guaranteed. You don’t need to worry about whether you’ve lost an email or file anymore: now you have all of your important information, data and every email right at hand. Forget complicated structuring systems and localization paths – with Lookeen you can simply enter a search term in the toolbar and it searches all the information on the server in a matter of seconds. Gone are the days of unsuccessful Exchange Server search: Lookeen gives you the right results at any time.

Increase Flexibility

Using an Exchange Server with Lookeen makes it easier for the entire enterprise to stay on task. A centrally managed Exchange Server index allows indexing to become faster and searches to become more reliable. An exchange 2010 search index, for example, can be built in a relatively short amount of time, for quick rollout across the enterprise. The Exchange Server is a proven technology that, when coupled with Outlook and a comprehensive search function, becomes a critical tool for businesses.

Whether your IT structure utilizes an on-premise or SaaS Exchange Server, Lookeen can be integrated. Lookeen is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and is in full compliance with Windows Exchange Servers. Using an Exchange Server allows companies more flexibility when it comes to software upgrades and data migration. When these events happen, it can cause a disruption in the work of a company, but not with Lookeen. Lookeen is ready to pick up the slack and keep adding information to the index. Whether that data resides on an old exchange server or on a new server. The information within the organization will be searchable, and thanks to real-time indexing, up-to-date.

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