Superior Outlook Search Features

Lookeen has many additional features in contrast to the conventional Outlook® search, including advanced search options. With these you can narrow your search results, making them more accurate. For example, more than 25 filtering options make the Outlook add-in more accurate than any other search program.

Categories, Preview and Advanced Search Fields

Above the results list are selectable tabs with different categories: emails, contacts, tasks, meetings, calendar and many more. You can filter your results by clicking on a category and it only displays results which correspond to that respective category. You can also customize the categories by selecting the columns you want to display in the menu. In addition, you can determine how many rows of an item in the preview should be displayed – by clicking on the checkbox you can switch between one, two or three lines to preview. The advanced search fields help to refine your search in various ways: You can, for example, view emails sent to a certain recipient, filter for a certain time period, subject, or file format. So, for example, the entire correspondence with a customer about a particular topic can be tracked and easily summarized in a document upon request.

Wildcards and Boolean Operators

The add-in detects and processes wildcards in your search queries. A wildcard is an asterix (*) at the beginning or end of a word. These are useful when you know only part of a search term – when such characters are used, the program adapts to the corresponding preset. Entered terms will be completed automatically and you can view all content that starts or ends with a particular string. In addition, you can further refine your search by using Boolean operators such as “AND” and “NOT” search terms to include or exclude certain terms. Other operators include:

subject:Cat* Search cat, catamaran, caterpillar etc. in the subject line.
to:Martin (oder from:, cc:, bcc:) To (or from, CC, BCC) Martin Searches for emails sent only by this email address.
body:dog Emails containing the word ‘dog’ in the main body
folder:Inbox The search term is searched for only in the ‘Inbox’ folder
date: [YYYYMMDD TO YYYYMMDD] The search term is searched for only in the specified time frame

and many more.

Do you want to use these search parameters without having to enter Boolean operators? No problem – advanced search fields can be set to include all of these parameters with just a click. You search for emails from a certain time period, for example, by opening the calendar in Lookeen and simply selecting the desired time period. You can also filter your search results without having to make additional entries.


With the timeline, Lookeen offers a convenient way to clearly present your communication volume over time. The timeline is located under the search results and shows you how many emails were sent and received per month during the last few years. Depending on how many emails contain the appropriate keyword, the bars are higher or lower. So at a glance, you can see when and how many emails you sent to a specific contact or with a specific subject. Hover the mouse over a bar and a detailed list appears, which shows you the number of attachments, contacts and emails were created in this month. You can restrict your search to the desired month by clicking on a bar, without adding any further settings in the calendar.


The integrated, incremental search is accurate and fast at finding matching results. Search terms don’t even need to be complete because the add-in already suggests results while you’re typing. Lookeen also remembers your previous searches and you can save them as favorites. Search words are highlighted in the results list and the preview – so you know at a glance, which document contains the term you’re looking for. You can also edit and save changes to local saved documents, such as Microsoft Word or Excel files, directly in the preview pane. The corresponding programs don’t ever need to be opened, saving you even more working time.

Expert Features:

  • Creates a history of all searches
  • Search parameters can be saved as Favorites
  • Searches not only attachments, but also the content from emails
  • Right click on search results: concise context menu for further processing of the email
  • Click the topic button: displays all emails that contain a combination of keywords in the subject
  • Summary of all correspondence on a subject at a click
  • Emails from the search results in a folder with one click copy or move to other .pst files

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