VMware Desktop Searches Executed Quickly and Effectively with Lookeen

Virtual desktop environments like VMware® are very practical, but unfortunately there are often limitations of workflow when it comes to everyday work in VDI. For example the performance of Microsoft® search: Have you ever tried looking for a file on the desktop or an email in Outlook® in VMware, and got no result? This can be a real problem when information is urgently needed for a meeting or presentation.

Lookeen Is the Search Solution for VMware VDI

Do you and your staff need a reliable search tool to finally search efficiently in your virtual desktop environment? We have the answer for you with Lookeen. Lookeen searches VMware alongside your Outlook data and Exchange Server, public folders, network files, and all files in the most popular formats on your desktop. With Lookeen everything you’re looking for can be found in VDI with VMware – whether documents, emails, attachments or photos. Gone are the days of frustrating and unsuccessful desktop searches.

Lightning-Fast Desktop Search in VMware

VDI systems like VMware often host an incredible collection of data that is partially or even completely unstructured. Lookeen offers desktop search results in record time thanks to central indexing, saving you and your staff time to focus on more important work. Both the time spent organizing data, as well as, waiting for results are reduced with Lookeen – you can use your time more meaningfully than sorting and structuring folders and files.

Improvement through Intuitive Operation

The professional search software, Lookeen, improves your search in VDI by working quickly and efficiently, while being easy to manage and intuitive to use. In addition, since data protection is very important, all indexed information will stay on the corporate server and not be sent to any external servers.

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