Customers Drive Ongoing Updates for Lookeen; Newest Version now Downloadable

Lookeen 1.0 image

Since the search tool Lookeen was released in late 2007, “customers have played a key role in guiding the product’s development”, said COO Peter Oehler. “Our customers are extremely satisfied with the speed and reliability of the Lookeen search tool but they’re always looking for more. We are very pleased that so many take the time to collaborate with us on advancing the functionality and value of Lookeen.“



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An example of implemented suggestions, which were incorporated into Lookeen version 1.1, is search relevant tabs. Others are increased indexing speed and automatic recognition of new PST files. Find mails in the easiest way! The latest version of Lookeen can be downloaded here.

Date: 02. Apr 2008
Author: Peter Oehler

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