Lookeen 2.3 is available – free update!

Lookeen 2.3 Vista Screen

In the development, our attention was this time focused, to meet customer requirements and to implement some new features. The participants in the beta phase were impressed by the performance and the speed of the new Lookeen 2.3.



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As always, we’ve fixed some bugs and added new features. Here are the most important facts:

  • Improving the search with the *- operator
  • Improved search results
  • Index now faster
  • A simplified and more stable handling with Group Policies
  • Improved stability and performance on Windows 7
  • Additional Feature: Lookeen remembers the last opened tab
  • Additional Feature: Lookeen starts the index delayed to the start of Outlook (performance gain)
  • Additional Feature: Search without a local index is possible now

Overall, the new Lookeen offers a variety of enhancements and improvements. Make yourself a picture and try Lookeen 14 days for free.

As also announced in the previously Newsletter of Lookeen, the version will be a prerequisite for future updates. Therefore the update remains free for customers of Lookeen 1.x and 2.x versions.

We would like to take this opportunity to address ourselves to the selected group of customers, our friends and acquaintances who have supported us during the beta phase. Thank you for your engaged assistance and your suggestions that help us to improve Lookeen steadily and purposefully.

Date: 17. Nov 2009
Author: Peter Oehler

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