Lookeen® for Outlook®: Open Beta Test starts today

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Today the open Beta test of Lookeen has started. Lookeen is a new search tool for Outlook 2003 and 2007. The search tool can be downloaded under www.lookeen.com.

With Lookeen the user will ‘find’ instead of ‘search’, manage and organize large amounts of Outlook information efficiently, and free up a lot of precious time for other things. Finally a empty inbox! Lookeen uses a simple interface integrated in Outlook. It searches with lightning speed in attachments, too (e.g. Powerpoint, Word or PDF-Files).

Good news for Outlook users having several PST files (personal folder files) or additional archives or exchange stores: Lookeen search includes every store of the user’s Outlook account. Furthermore the user can see correspondence with people and groups on a single click! Or find every information in your calendar, contacts or fure sure in your inbox! The sales version will be released this year, so Axonic, the manufacturer of Lookeen. We recommend to do a backup of your Outlook data during the beta phase. Further details concerning price structures are not announced yet.


Learn more about the most up-to date version of Lookeen! See our product features here.

Date: 15. Oct 2007
Author: Peter Oehler

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