New Lookeen Version 1.3 with Group Policies

Group policies integrated into Lookeen

Axonic delivers with the new version 1.3 an important feature: The Lookeen Group Policies. With that you are able to control to give employees access to sensible or confidential Outlook items, only if they are allowed to. Your IT department or an administrator could easily manage which employee is allowed to e.g. search and find with Lookeen on your Exchange Server, public folder or on your network and who’s not. Even the indexing or searching of PST files could be centrally controlled with the Lookeen Group Policies.



We've come a long way. See how Lookeen is helping the Enterprise.

Precise control with multi level access restrictions: You are able to allow an employee to index and find sensible or confidential Outlook items, but to restrict opening or displaying it. With the Lookeen Group Policies you will have your sensible Outlook data under control. If you want further information about the fastest search tool please write an email to: support@lookeen.com

Date: 29. Oct 2009
Author: Peter Oehler

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