Success story: Lookeen meets Frequentis AG

Lookeen integrates perfectly in the existing Frequentis AG microsoft outlook environment and supports employees searching personal emails, appointments, contacts and files.

Frequentis is synonymous for high-tech. The international provider of communication and information systems for air traffic management and public safety is an Austrian show-case company that sets itself apart with its focus on new technologies and innovative power. The company’s competence in regard to safety-critical communication applications is the foundation of Frequentis’ competitive edge. Around 11,000 Frequentis operator positions are in use in all corners of the globe.

Optimised knowledge management and information flow are crucial factors in the growth of the Frequentis group. Therefore, the pressure and requirements of the systems and system software the company uses is extremely high.

Optimised information queries

In the course of the company-wide switch from Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2007 it became evident that the Outlook Client did not cover the search function regarding personal data in a satisfying manner. Many employees complained about not being able to search for emails, contacts, appointments and other information in a time-efficient, comfortable way and to process the search results accordingly

The Microsoft means alone seemed to not meet Frequentis’ requirements for the management of very large mailboxes and for the search of delegated mailboxes.

The Frequentis IT-department thus engaged in a comprehensive market research and evaluation of a series of products designed to enhance email and desktop searches. Lookeen stood out among the many tools that were tested because it fulfilled all the requirements regarding search results; it also offers an extensive scope of functions and excelled through easy installation and low impact on the computers’ performance.

The fact that the Lookeen service application does not put excessive strain on system resources was very important to the Frequentis software developers.

Central software distributing

”The IT-department also looked at the question how Lookeen could be centrally distributed and managed as Add-in to Microsoft Outlook“, explains Office2007 project manager Nora Mühlbacher. At Frequentis the IT-department is in charge of providing most software applications through a central software distributing system.

Especially applications, which address a large group of users, have to allow for an automated installation with pre-defined settings in order to ensure that the management efforts associated with the distribution are kept as low as possible. “For this reason, the introduction of Lookeen made sense at Frequentis because Lookeen has been developed with the possibility of a simple, company-wide introduction in mind“, says Martin Welker, CEO at Axonic.

Frequentis employees benefit from lookeen

Lookeen was distributed to 500 employees at Frequentis via the central software distribution system. The introduction of Lookeen enables highly efficient search options for emails, contacts, calendar entries and files.

The following Lookeen Features are especially valuable to frequentis employees:

  • Large amounts of data are searched very quickly
  • Search results can be processed, e.g. moving results by drag&drop is possible.
  • Delegated mailboxes can be searched in a user-friendly manner; assistants are able to search mail folders of their respective superiors, provided they were given the proper authorisation.
  • Also, it is possible to search the public folders, even if Microsoft Outlook is in “cached mode“, without needing a local replication of all public folders.
  • The user interface is rather intuitive, which keeps any associated user training costs low.

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