Lookeen as an X1 Search Alternative

X1 Search is a desktop search solution for Windows computers. In addition to standard desktops, it’s also possible to run the software in virtual environments. You can search local and external drives, but if you want to run enterprise-wide searches, an additional product is necessary. X1 provides technical support for an annual fee on a per-license basis. There are several alternative search solutions with more affordable support on the market. If you’re looking for an alternative to X1 Search, take a look at this comparison table:

X1 Lookeen
GPO compliant
Advanced search
Federated search
Free Version
Forced cache mode
Edit in Preview
Shared Index
MS Outlook Integration
Desktop Toolbar
Free Premium Support
PST search
Network search
Installation size 106 MB 79 MB
Version Number
Multilingual English German, English

X1 Search Pros

  • Sharepoint Search
  • Gmail Indexing
  • Google Drive Search

X1 Search Cons

  • Premium Support Costs
  • English Only

Lookeen Advantages

  • MS Outlook Integration
  • Edit in Preview
  • Shared Index

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