Version History

Version (16/11/2015) Download

Please note that after installation of the update, the index will be built and your settings will be reset to default.

  • Outlook 2016 Compatibility
  • Timeline bar
  • Different result highlight color

Version (25/02/2015) Download

Please note: This is an upgrade, additional charges may apply. If you are the owner of a valid Lookeen 8 license, you are entitled to an upgrade discount: Upgrade center.

  • Search-As-You-Type (SAYT) search
  • Full stand-alone application (desktop version), Outlook is not required
  • Options: Runs as pure Outlook plugin if required
  • Preview of PDF, Word and Excel files
  • Editing mode for Word and Excel
  • More advanced search filters and wildcard functions (e.g. wildcard search at the beginning: *phon)
  • Start Lookeen from everywhere in Windows (via Ctrl-Ctrl key combination)
  • Multi-row preview
  • Highlighting within the results list
  • Attachment field in email preview
  • Lucene 3.0 engine integration
  • Fixed more than 50 bugs and other improvements

Version (22/05/2013)

  • Full Outloook(R) 2013 compatibility
  • Improved index speed
  • Bug fixes

Version (17/12/2012)

  • Lookeen Search Bar for Outlook 2010
  • Improved index speed
  • Search for folders
  • More GPO commands
  • GPO bug fixes

Version (28/03/2012)

  • Real-time Indexing
  • Completely different indexing strategies (Hybrid-indexes: explore and Indexes in one step)
  • Better indexing with modern data types (.xlsx,.docx and .pptx etc.)
  • Better searches for PDF Data
  • Clear group access rights for Business and Enterprise editions

Version (2011/08/29)

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added new DLL certificates

Version (2011/08/24)

  • New updater
  • Updated Lucene version
  • Minor bug fixes

Version (2011/04/15)

  • New update feature
  • Updated Lucene version
  • Extends Beta Phase for Real Time Indexing

Version (2011/01/31)

  • Fixed redemption problems

Version (2011/01/24)

  • Fixed redemption problems
  • Updated real time index for files
  • UNC paths for all files

Version (2011/01/13)

  • Added full 64bit support
  • Added “load more”-button in preview to load complete content of a document
  • Added BETA FEATURE: Real time indexing
  • Fixed: Toolbar position in Outlook
  • Fixed: Disappearing search window
  • Fixed: Lookeen prevents Outlook from shutdown on Windows shutdown
  • Fixed: Index error ( > “lost items” bug index is shrinking)
  • Fixed: Extended search strings bug
  • Changed: Files index notification by “last write date”
  • Changed: Removed “from” field of contacts

Version (2010/06/04)

  • Added full Outlook 2010 support (32-bit, for 64-bit please contact use)
  • Added ribbon control
  • Added faster searching!!
  • Fixed: auto index scheduler
  • Fixed: network detection

Version (2010/01/29)

  • Added preview window for search results
  • Added feature highlighting for results
  • Added feature “Lookeen Analytics” for advanced email discovery
  • Added option “network detection” with black list for slow profiles
  • Added option “automatic discovery” for new outlook stores
  • Added favorites with short keys
  • Added configurable search history
  • Added action “show more results” in search
  • Added speed up of Outlook start
  • Added action “Select All” (Ctrl-A)
  • Added indexing of different data in recurring appointments
  • Added indexing of attached mails
  • Added several data properties for result items (e.g. location in appointments)
  • Added option “One Lookeen configuration” for all OL profiles
  • Added 20 more GPOs for enterprise usage
  • Added new redemption library 4.8
  • Added image preview (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, etc)
  • Fixed: Drag & Drop attachments
  • Fixed: Many more…

Version (2009/11/17)

  • Fixed search: *-operator
  • Fixed indexing: incomplete data retrieval
  • Fixed indexing: several minor bugs
  • Fixed searching: Spelling/casechecking: from / to
  • Fixed shared index: GPO (use/fixed)
  • Fixed shared index: search with empty local index
  • Fixed search: search dialog settings disappear
  • Fixed search: error on changing tabs
  • Added search: reminds last opened search tab
  • Added indexing: delayed indexing on Outlook startup

Version (2009/08/31)

  • Fixed minor bugs

Version (2009/08/23)

  • Fixed minor bugs

Version (2009/07/09)

  • Requires new setting and index rebuild
  • CRITICAL fixed delta indexing (caused loss of items)
  • Fixed selection stays resistent
  • Fixed notes drafts bug (skipped items)
  • Fixed index: local files dates from UTC to local time
  • Fixed index: non-mailitems items with attachments
  • Fixed index: domains searchable (in header data)
  • MAJOR changed xml support for settings
  • MAJOR added more GPOs / policies (please contact us)
  • MAJOR added new redemption dll version
  • MAJOR added new certificate
  • Added toolbar hide/show
  • Added index for rss items
  • Added re-search with * wildcard
  • Added ctrl-f for focusing the search field
  • Added field extension
  • Added awake time for indexing
  • Added multi forwarding – Added options dialog auto scale


  • Advanced Search Options
  • Simple Date range syntax
  • Fixed bug: Date ranges


  • Shared Index: Build an index one time and make it available to many users!
  • Index Outlook categories
  • Index more text based file types (like php..)
  • Improved search results for sub texts
  • No ADX log file generation during installation
  • Set check updates off by default
  • Help in german language
  • Fixed bug: Date column show correct values
  • Fixed bug: Dates were not displayed correctly
  • Fixed bug: Moved items were not removed from index


  • Search dialog: Date is always secondary sort criteria
  • New option: “Use OOM Only” for problems on certain exchange server constellations
  • New MAPI Accessor 2.5.205
  • New ADX version 2007.3.8.1891
  • Fixed bug: Open Item does not work on exchange server
  • Fixed bug: Dates were not displayed correctly
  • Fixed bug: Moved items were not removed from index


  • Optimized indexing speed to factor 2.5-5.5!!!
  • Added group policies (ask for support)
  • Add attachments and files are displayed in results
  • Added new Adx framework version
  • Added new redemption version 4.5
  • Added optimize index
  • Changed: Attachment path is now located with indexing path
  • Fixed bug: Automatic Indexing is not started
  • Fixed bug: Updater


  • Fixed bug: Updater


  • Fixed bug: Outlook crashes on some systems when closing
  • Fixed bug: Error occured when closing Outlook with opened search dialog


  • One click updating: The latest Lookeen updater enables you to update Lookeen with one click only (we have eliminated the need to install/uninstall)!
  • Customizable result columns with additional column types (e.g. modification date, creating date, etc…)!
  • Lookeen is now Microsoft® certificated! You no longer have to enable the UAC, improving system/application performance.
  • Automatically renew your index: In addition, you can set the interval at which your index renews!
  • Preview of results!
  • Lookeen is now installed for all users. That enables every administrator to update Lookeen!
  • Mail actions (Display, Forward, Reply,…) are now presented and accessible in the Outlook standard format!
  • Improved indexer speed!
  • Fixed bug: OUTLOOK.EXE process no longer stays open after closing Outlook!
  • Fixed bug: minimized search dialog!
  • Fixed bug: Reply / Forward mails from all stores (public folders)!
  • Many more fixed bugs and small improvements…