220 Billion – the Chaos of the Mails: Lookeen dries off the E-Mail Flood

Over the last years, e-mail inevitably became the most often used internet-service worldwide. The Cisco 2008 Annual Security Report states that, around the globe, the incredibly high amount of 220 billion e-mails are sent and received on a daily basis. Based on the vast number of e-mails, every user is confronted with a sheer, flood like, e-mail chaos – also on a daily basis. At least if one does not use the small but excellent search expert for Outlook, named Lookeen.



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The board of the Annual Security Report estimates the number of globally sent e-mails by reference to the figures of e-mail users and active e-mail accounts. Following new estimations the spiking amount of 220 billion e-mails will in fact double within the next years, due to the growing importance of social-media channels. In practice results are as follows: the average user receives an average of 150 e-mails a day. No matter if the concerning e-mail account is used for private or business purposes.


Faster, more precisely, more comfortable

The needed time to sort out and separate spam from relevant and important e-mails can easily add up to several hours. Searching for the wanted e-mail or attachment not included. To avoid that unnecessary waste of time only a quick glance on Lookeen is necessary and worthwhile. The installation of the add-on for Microsoft Outlook takes only a moment and pays out immediately, by putting an end to the endless searches. After the installation of Lookeen only a short indexing of the data is necessary to search mail-folders and -archives faster, more precisely and more comfortable than ever before. Even e-mail folders in the most remote network drive are included in the Lookeen based search.

To Lookeen the amount of data is absolutely indifferent. All it takes to get it started is a search entry in the search mask. At a record time any information you want will be delivered to you, no matter if e-mail, attachment or both combined – neatly arranged, central and ready to hand. The final highlight is the convenient preview that allows you as a user to look at the contents of and read every data file without opening it. The business day of the future therefore can be re-modelled into a more relaxed version that is free of negative stress and unenjoyable useless labor – at least if Lookeen is put to use. You will never miss an e-mail again, over are the days of data loss – no matter if document, table or picture – and overwrought nerves.

Date: 09. Nov 2010
Author: Markus Henkel

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