Are SEO Employees the Saviors of your Enterprise Search?

SEO and enterprise search software

It turns out that SEO professionals may be the best suited to help jumpstart the company Enterprise Search endeavors. It’s true that SEO’s usually focus on the outside of a company, trying to engage the wider world, however they spend little time engaging or helping employees in their own companies.



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If you were to look at your company’s Enterprise Search tool today, what would you find? Some companies have up-to-date systems that are poorly managed, others have old systems that aren’t being utilized correctly and others just install an Enterprise Search tool and forget about it. So which category does your company fall into? These are the questions that an SEO should ask if they want to help.

Nearly all systems use a mix of text and Meta data, which means that employees should be trained on the best practices on how to get their content “found” in search. Learning what to title email folders to text sub-headings on documents. Use your own companies reporting system to analyze which documents get found most often and for which queries. This will help you test different delivery methods and prepare content for indexing.

In the end, you need as much support from the enterprise search team as possible, so find a solution that works and bring the team on-board. After all, you are all playing for the same team.

Date: 19. Sep 2011
Author: Eric Ebert
Tags: Analysis Big Data Enterprise Search

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