What is an Email Attachment?

Tips for email attachments

A file that is attached to an email is normally called an attachment. This attachment almost always needs to be downloaded first before it can be opened. If you do not pay a lot of attention, it can often happen that you download the attachment and you do not know where it actually gets saved on the computer.


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Where can I find it?

If this happens, you need to search the computer in order to find the attachment. The search however is probably easy. You only need the name of the file that you want to search for in the system. The search normally is fast, because there is an exact name to be searched for. If you did not know the name of the file it would be difficult. In this case a search would almost be hopeless. Be careful with Spam email attachments! This attachment should not be opened under any circumstances, because it is very likely that it may contain a virus. If you open the attachment the virus can immediately spread on the computer. For this reason you should be extremely careful with attachments from unknown email addresses. Viruses and web bugs are and will continue to invade email, please make sure that your computer as an active up-to-date anti virus program installed.


How can I send attachments?

If you want to send out a file you can generate a new mail and attach the file. Most mail programs are structured in a way, that allows you to attach a file after you have written the normal text. For the attaching process a window opens which allows you to access a specific folder and search it. The search is very easy and if you know, where the file is located it is all the faster.

Date: 18. Mar 2008
Author: Peter Oehler

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