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The current, very heated, debate to enforce a better protection for personal data, reaches a new dimension in view of the desktop search. Because it is the desktop search that is actually saving personal data and knowledge of business companies on their own servers right from the start. For example, Google Desktop Search even speaks explicit in the GTA about saving data on external servers.



Security is very important. See how to keep your data to yourself.

The index is first generated on the personal computer and then will be send to Google. What happens there with the data, nobody knows. But it isn’t over there. Because a personalization takes place at latest, when the Google mail account and the Gmail account is involved as well. This option can be deactivated on installing, if you pay keen attention, but who does so in the modern “click next” generation?


Everyone Wants our Data

But it’s not just Google who wants our Data. Apple’s Spotlight, Microsoft and Yahoo’s desktop search is also rather keen on the personal bits and bytes. If you look at this data saving, over exaggerating a bit, then you will find at latest when companies are involved, that, should the data get into the wrong hands, this could be disastrous and even cause the ruin of a company. Of course, Google has no interest to hand over data to third persons, but wasn’t it the USA, that thought, currently on Wikileaks published data was save? And we all know what happened.

So one is allowed to think about the worst case scenario, considering all the affairs around data that occurred lately. Because, if you transport such an affair to the business level, then it is time and it is appropriate to be very concerned. Companies save design studies, plans, bank data, information about employees and plans for prototypes. That is a lot of sensitive data, which needs to be protected and shouldn’t be laying on some servers somewhere in the USA. That is one of the best reasons why companies shouldn’t use this kind of search engines. But not all search engines work like that. Lookeen can help you.


Lookeen is Different

And right here the line will be written, where the desktop search from Lookeen has to be mentioned. Because, aside the well known E-Mail search function in Outlook, Lookeen is able to serve as a desktop search as well. It searches and sets up an index, without a search engine cant function, but now the difference comes into effect. And you better believe it; the complete index is only saved on the local personal computer, aka your own personal computer that has started the search. In thus the data remains with the owner and won’t go wandering to far away servers of companies that aren’t transparent and that no one has control over.

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