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The desktop search allows for a fast search of the computer. As a rule, the complete set of files will be searched by this tool. What is characteristic of the desktop search is its high amount of precision. This has to do with the fact that the search results can be issued in an organised, sorted categorised way.


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What types of search options are available for desktops?

Within the context of desktop search, one can however, differentiate between different types of search modalities. For one, there is the system-wide search which provides a comprehensive mapping of the complete files of an individual system. Another type, is the specific desktop search; these are search fields which have been integrated into the user application, and which serve the purpose of allowing the search of whole data collections, lists, and databases. A third type of desktop search is the absolute search. In this search variety, literally each and every information that can be integrated is shown. The central mapping and storage of the data of the computer that is connected with the desktop search allows for a much more intuitive retrieval of information.


What are some drawbacks of these systems?

There is, however, a certain danger connected with it. The central storage of the data carries an enormous potential of abuse. In particular, if an additional storage by certain providers is done on their respective servers this is a very dangerous situation owing to possible safety leaks. As a result of this hackers could gain access to protected data. In this context, industrial espionage creates an additional danger. If a person searches for data at his home on his personal computer the desktop search is the right thing to do; yet if viewed in general or used for professional purposes respectively by a given company it brings about a great number of dangers if the indexing data are not stored locally.

Date: 10. Dec 2008
Author: Peter Oehler
Tags: Desktop Search Indexing What Is

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