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It’s been more than 20 years since e-mails started to replace the common communication by letters or telegrams. The first kind of digital message was known as the the telex or the fax. Towards the end of the eighties, the triumph of email communication (or later just called email) took its way with vast power. At that time, the ordinary people usually had not yet been equipped with a personal computer and so in the beginning email started only between certain institutes such as big companies or universities. Then young people started to log in and get connected between each other. The idea of e-mail quickly passed around and got to be liked more and more.

Choosing an email provider

The fascination rose so fast because email proved to be easy quick and also cheap. No walk to the post office, no need to by stamps anymore. Mail could just be send and one would archive response within in minutes. Of course to send and archive email one has to register with an email address at some kind of provider. This is necessary and important but also very easy. Many different providers on the market even offer free registration. Looking for a good provider one should consider especially the service and the simplicity of handling. Some providers are taking fees to use certain additional services. However, usually e-mail addresses are free.

Choosing your email address it is important to consider that it is easy to write and difficult to forget, so you will always be able to have access to your email facility even the more this is important for your password you have to choose within the registration. These two components – address and password- should never be shared with another person to avoid misuse by any means. So for security reasons the password should never be too simple, like your date of birth for example.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email

Using email provides many advantages. They are free, they arrive very quickly and they are easy to write. Emails do not have to be put into an envelope; they do not have to be carrying to the post box nor do the need a stamp. Instead they arrive on the desk of your friend or business partner within seconds. There is no need for paper anymore neither in private nor in business communication. Within your e-mail program it is possible to organize all your communication in different files in your computer so one never gets confused and everything gets very well organized. Only within seconds an e-mail reaches the receiver. It is of advantage to always save copies of the documents that have been send to shorten the time of searching for any document. In case of any kind of trial an e -mail has yet no validation as a proof, except it contains some special kind of signature.

Unfortunately email happens to have some disadvantages as well. Due to the fast writing and sending of e-mail one might easily be drawn to become somewhat lazy in terms of grammar or style. On the other side there is certain software to diminish the amount of failure. Especially the addresses of receivers should be controlled carefully – one mistake and the document is on the wrong table.

A great email provider is Microsoft Outlook. Lookeen can be installed as an Outlook add-in to provide a sophisticated search solution.

Date: 18. Jan 2009
Author: Peter Oehler
Tags: Email Microsoft Outlook What Is

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