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But why should 20 users index the same data 20 times? This burdens your network and requires extra time and resources.

Based on this question, we, the Lookeen-team, developed the “shared index”. The concept of the shared index sources includes a central index, which is accessible for all users. The advantages are obvious:

  • Every user has the same data status
  • The index only has to be created and renewed at one place



Want to know how Lookeen can save your company money?

Here is another scenario which customers often tell us about: A multitude of email-archives exists. In order to preserve Outlook’s high performance and user friendliness, naturally those archives shall not be included into the work profile.


This is no problem when using Lookeen:

Simply create a new outlook profile. Afterwards you can add any number of archives to this profile. Lookeen will index the archives in this profile from that moment on. Now you can add this created index as shared index source to your work profile. After you have done that, each query will also include the indexed archives and each indexed object can also be opened and relocated easily by using Lookeen.

Date: 10. Sep 2009
Author: Peter Oehler
Tags: Enterprise Search Lookeen New Features Security

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