Email and Desktop Folder

Email and Desktop Folder

To make it easier to work with a computer and to avoid a constant search for data it is advisable to create different folders. Folders can be set up within a drive or directly on the desktop. You should first think about a suitable structure. It is also possible to create further sub-folders in a folder. When each folder is named correctly, it will make it much easier to find certain data and in addition will bring more order to your computer. For example if you want to look for a certain photo you won’t have to search through your whole computer. You only have to look through the folder with the name “photos”, so long as you have created this folder beforehand and if you have saved photos in it.


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Is File Structure Important?

This structure cannot only be used for folder; it is also useful for most email programs. Generally you can create different sub folders which can also be named accordingly. Once you are looking for a certain mail you do not have to search through your whole post, it is sufficient if you search in the respective folder. It is essential that data is always saved carefully in the correct folder to enable a better finding of the data you are searching for. You should also consider that it is not very helpful to create too many different folders because then you will have to search through all these folders when you are looking for something and you will not really save time in the end.


How do I Create a new Folder?

The creation of a new folder can be done in different ways and it is done very quickly. One way to do it is to create a new directory while you are saving a document. Most programs have a symbol for the creation of a new folder. But it is also possible to create a new folder with the help of the explorer or by a mouse click on the right side.

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