Google Desktop Search: A Security Risk?

Google Desktop was launched in 2004. It was a program that was specifically designed to simplify searches for emails, files, music, photos and much more on a user’s PC. By September 2011, however, the software was discontinued by Google. The decision behind this fell to the fact that the higher ups at Google believed that there had been a big enough shift from local storage to cloud based storage. The integration of better search functions into modern operating systems has also affected the desktop search tools market.

While this may very well be true, a software that is able to index and search your local files is actually still in high demand. While millions of people use cloud based storage, a large portion of those people are using that system as a way to back up the files that are on their PCs. This means that the need for desktop search software is still there.


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Are You Still Using Google Desktop Search?

When Google Desktop was being used by the masses, it was hit with a few issues and criticisms. It was plagued with a series of vulnerabilities, which would allow someone to remotely access your sensitive data, and worst of all, it could also allow hackers to gain control of your whole PC. Many privacy and civil liberties groups took issue with Google Desktop for these reasons. While there were patches and updates, the concerns didn’t fully disappear.


Why Should You Stop Using Google Desktop Search

This should be quite obvious, but if you’ve become comfortable using Google Desktop Search and are unwilling to let go so easily, now is really the time you should give it the bump. Let’s go down the list of major reasons to move onto another program:


  1. Google desktop was discontinued 4 years ago.
  2. The last significant update occurred on July 2009, that’s SIX years without any updates.
  3. The option to search across multiple computers and shared gadgets stopped working in January of 2010.
  4. There’s no longer any official support for Google Desktop. That means when you have an issue, you can’t take it up with Google as they discontinued support for this product.
  5. No updates = bigger security risks.


Google has recently received approval on a new patent that could mean a new desktop search tool that searches through your local drives, apps, and the cloud is on the horizon. However, patent approval does not mean that there’s a new Google Desktop Search on the way. So far this is all speculation, and it is one of many directions Google (now Alphabet) is thinking of going. Don’t wait around for Google’s new solution, find something that will secure your files and help your searches now.

With so many wonderful alternatives to Google Desktop Search, there’s no reason to be living in the past. Especially when it comes to your PC and the sensitive information kept within it. Uninstall it, and get something that will be more reliable, make searches easier, and security a priority.

Date: 01. Sep 2015
Author: Joana Simoes
Tags: Desktop Search Google Desktop Search Security

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