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Outlook is an email program by Windows vendor Microsoft. It is part of the successful Office suite and besides managing emails it keeps track of appointments, contacts and notes. Regarding the possible amount of data to handle it comes as no surprise that working with Outlook becomes slower over time. For example Outlooks checks integrity of all data on every start. The only exception: data which has been archived before, is not scanned. Certainly a freshly installed Outlook always starts up and works the fastest. The more data Outlook has to handle, the slower it eventually gets. While emails can be archived, this is not possible for appointments, tasks or other data. Emails of course, make up the lions share of the data, so these are best archived automatically. Furthermore archiving assures faster Outlook file search and a higher speed level overall.


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How can you make outlook faster?

If you want your Outlook to stay fast all the time and data search should work frictionless, you should mind a few additional tips: The speed of Outlook severely depends on the speed of the particular operating system. Whether the operating system is fast or slow depends on the following criteria: – Firstly your hard disk should never be full, as this greatly decreases the speed of an operating system, especially when many small files are used.


What about search in Outlook?

Search is complicated by a big amount of files. Like Outlook the operating systems scans – even if only approximately – all files while booting up and from time to time while running. – Furthermore you should check your system for errors and computer viruses on a regular basis. – Hard disks must be defragmented regularly because fragmented data is more difficult to handle for the operating system and also makes it slower. Summing up you can say that for a fast searching and working with Outlook your system must kept clean and sound. If you follow the suggestions mentioned above and use the auto-archiving function you will enjoy working with Outlook for a long time.

Date: 29. Apr 2008
Author: Peter Oehler
Tags: Microsoft Outlook Suggestion What Is

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