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The Intranets 2012 Conference in Sydney, Australia has just concluded. If you don’t know what it is, here is the link for 2012: Intranets 2012

It’s the largest gathering of enterprise systems people in the southern hemisphere! This was the second year for the annual event and it’s already been scheduled for May 15th-17th, 2013. If you have the ability to attend, I would highly recommend it, but for now you can go to the website to browse this year’s presentations. We are particularly interested in Enterprise Search topics as well as new Enterprise Search tools on the market, but they covered topics on intranet social media, collaboration, building of governance framework, as well as Enterprise Search Security.

We personally believe that trying out different conferences in different parts of the world is important for our business, because we think that people from different areas have different views on how to solve problems. We also realize that the area of Enterprise Search and the search tools that go along with it are constantly evolving, and we as a company must evolve with them.

Looking forward to May, 2013!


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Date: 20. May 2012
Author: Eric Ebert

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