Lucene software – A platform to build on

Lucene is a PC tracking software which was developed by Doug Cutting. It is quickly growing in popularity. You have the ability to scour whole texts and to get an overview as a result. On the other-hand, Lucene is no self-contained program, but rather offers an assembly kit with which you can use and build proper projects. The software is completely written in Java. Thereby it provides an easy and uncomplicated handling. Lucene is also very strongly geared towards users and use in other aspects.


Want to see how Lucene works in practice? See what it can do for your desktop searches.

What can you do with it?

You can quickly transform the program in nearly every language so that it should be easy to understand for anyone. Lucene indexes pretty much every file format, but those can also be skipped. At the moment, the search software provides various simple opportunities to analyse, and offers additional, more complex operations, so that you can even index Chinese or Japanese characters. Next to term and phrase, Lucene searches and presents the chance ability to do Wildcard searches, Fuzzy searches and distance searches. Through the various kinds of content, you can determine exactly what is to be searched and analysed. Through this user centric approach, a plan has been made that all data can be indexed via the Internet in the future.


So what does it mean for you?

The Lucene platform has given developers a large number of tools to help them build great product. People don’t aften think about what is under-the-hood when they are using software product. Lucene is the engine that helps those beautiful features of the customer-facing interface work. when it comes to desktop search, the robustness of Lucene allows Lookeen to perform searches that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

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