Many Thanks to all Participants in the SharePoint Survey

Microsoft Sharepoint

Thanks for participating in our survey!


Interesting key data of the analysis:

  • About 15% of the companies which do not use Microsoft SharePoint so far are planning the introduction of Microsoft SharePoint.
  • 60% of all users wish for a functionality with which email contents can be easily uploaded to the Microsoft SharePoint server.
  • More than 60% of the participants would prefer to simply add the Microsoft SharePoint server as an additional index source.



Want to see more studies that we've done? See our whitepaper

Naturally we will inform you soon about the introduction date of the Lookeen Microsoft SharePoint edition. Do you have questions about Microsoft SharePoint or would you also like to apply for the beta test phase? Then simply send us an email to info@lookeen.net – keyword: „SharePoint“.

Date: 15. Oct 2009
Author: Peter Oehler

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