Real-Time Indexing and Lookeen 8

Real-time indexing with Lookeen three computers access a server

For anyone that has ever used Dropbox, you know what real-time indexing is. It means that anytime you’re working on a document from your Dropbox file, you’re working on the latest version. If you send a word document out to your team for feedback and to do some edits, your team members might be doing the same thing at the same time, and that means that you have at least two versions of the same document at any given moment.


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What about the Enterprise?

What Enterprise-wide real-time indexing should aspire to achieve is that you have only one copy of a document that is always up-to-date at any given moment. This is why a company can’t afford not to invest in Enterprise Search solutions. If a company, with many employees, wants to be sure that they are always using the most current information, they should use an Enterprise Search tool with real-time indexing.


What we say about Lookeen’s capabilities

With the new Lookeen real-time indexing, companies are able to do that. Let me paint a picture for you. Can you imagine a small law firm with 50 lawyers and many clients? I’m not a lawyer, but anyone that has ever signed a contract knows the paperwork involved can get quite large. Now spread that over every client and distribute it through multiple lawyers that may be collaborating one day and moving on to another case the next. Was that paperwork filed yet? Did you get a confirmation email? That’s where search comes in and real-time indexing assures that what is returned in search is the most up-to-date. It also will help reduce the amount of duplicated work.

Systems like these, whether they are proprietary systems or systems like Lookeen, save countless man hours and thousands of dollars for a company. Don’t take my word for it, try Lookeen for free for the first 14 days!


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