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The small firm was the first company in Germany to sell software through the internet and specialized in individual outsourcing solutions for software marketing. Asknet offers a wide spectrum of multi-channel-solutions for software companies as well. The asknet AG supports their customers with established B2C- and B2B-processes, eProcurement, eMarketing and the assistance with handling of payments. The online shop for asknet AG which specialized in support and advisory service of academies, colleges and government agencies is the most successful in the whole of Europe.


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Fast and precise search with Lookeen!

The developer and distributor of Lookeen, Axonic Informationsysteme GmbH works very close with asknet AG. Because of this partnership, Lookeen is also listed on Just like asknet AG, Axonic Information systems GmbH is versed in cooperation with government agencies, colleges and universities

Agencies and colleges have to deal with large amount of electronic data that can become difficult to manage. Additionally, these institutions often use exchange servers and other networked structures to function. Lookeen is able to search through these engines fast and efficiently Because of this, a cooperation of the two companies was obvious. Lookeen is offered on as independent software. But because it is a perfect addition to Microsoft Outlook, it is also offered in various different product bundles.

Date: 14. Aug 2010
Author: Peter Oehler

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