The Flood of Email is Overwhelming your Outlook Search – What do you do?

The first email ever sent was by Ray Tomlinson at ARPANET in 1971. Since then, almost 50 years have passed and an unimaginable number of electronic messages have been sent and received. It was estimated by the technology market research firm The Radicati Group last year that nearly 200 billion emails were sent and received worldwide daily – over 108 billion electronic messages sent each day in 2014. In Germany alone, there were, according to statistics from 1&1, 506 billion emails sent and received last year, not counting spam. No wonder, when around 80% of all German internet users regularly receive and send email.


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Thousands of Emails in each Mailbox

All of these emails that land in our mailboxes daily need to be sorted, read and answered – and both in our professional and private lives, many of us use Microsoft Outlook. Using Outlook search to try and retrieve a particular message or a much needed attachment is often an exercise in futility. Either Outlook search finds the desired messages and files, but not in the right place, or it takes so long to search that your work flow is considerably disrupted.


The more Emails there are, the Slower Outlook Search is

The size of all the sent and received data in each mailbox is taking on dimensions which no one could have imagined – and the market continues to grow: Each year the number of emails sent and received daily is increasing, The Radicati Group estimates the number all business emails worldwide to grow to almost 129 billion and private emails to about 118 billion by 2019. Since the inbox is getting fuller every working day, you have to be able to really find everything you’re look for. To reliably master this email flood, however, you need better search tools than Outlook search. Ultimately, no matter how clever your own sorting system may be, a certain number of emails will disappear in the vast amount of data.


Lookeen Succeeds, Where Outlook Search Fails

To continue to work productively, only a fast and efficient search function can help. With every unsuccessful Outlook search, time wasted increases employee costs for a company, which can add up to thousands of euros per year. This waste isn’t sustainable in the long-run. For this reason alone, it makes sense to invest in an efficient and fast Outlook search tool to save each employee valuable time. Instead of losing unnecessary hours sorting items or saving attachments, by using search tools like Lookeen, information can be found in seconds and your previously wasted time and costs are turned into a significant competitive advantage.

Date: 21. Jul 2015
Author: Eric Ebert
Tags: Lookeen Microsoft Outlook Outlook Search

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