3 Tips To Help You Find Files Faster

Admit it – you’re well on your way to becoming a digital hoarder. Worse than that, when you go to search for documents, you can’t find a single file that you actually need. It is a frustrating process to try a desktop search if you have a ton of files and no filing system in place. Windows Search may not be the best search tool for your PC, but you’re only making matters worse if you don’t start using a better system of naming and storing your files.


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1.      Start organizing now

If you’ve never had a filing system in place to keep your files and folders organized then starting one will take some work. This is obviously not a technical tip, but it is an important one: The longer you put it off, the harder it will become to start a new system.

Don’t keep procrastinating. Put a chunk of time aside for filing, and make sure you get it done. Once you start putting your files and folders in order, it will become second nature, making it easier to continue.

Many subfolders

2.      Use as many folders as you need

It’s tempting to just shove all of your files into your documents folder, but try to avoid doing that – you’re only putting off the inevitable. Files of varying degrees of importance and differing subject matter should be organized into different folders respectively.

You don’t really need to worry about creating too many folders. It helps if you split your documents into a small number of main folders, then make subfolders within each main folder where applicable, and subfolders within those if needs be. Do this for all of your documents.

If you find a proper place for everything, your desktop search tool will find it too. Using folders and naming them properly is what will make your desktop search results become more accurate.


3.      Name your files and folders properly

When creating folders to organize your files, make sure you name them properly. Naming a folder ‘Stuff’ and then shoving everything possible into it is not organization (though I can see the appeal, since it would take all of five minutes to do). Equally, don’t just leave files all over your desktop or have untitled folders lying about.

Try to name your folders with short and concise names. Work should be in a folder named ‘Work’, and if you have different types files to go in there, make sub-folders. For example, make a folder if for invoices, and another for reports. Within those you can also divide them into new folders by months. It is so simple to do; it will just take time. The time spent will be worth it though: When you need to search for something using a desktop search tool, your results pop up right away, and they will be more accurate than without the filing system.

Now that you have started the process of making a system, don’t let that hard work go to waste by not keeping up with it. File searches will be a simple process if you just stick with an organization system.

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