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If you work in an office or large company, then your go to email client is probably Outlook. It’s the most commonly used email client around the world. If the statistics are true, then you might be spending your each day sifting through more than 120 emails. Even if your number is a little lower, you probably still receive enough email to crowd up your inbox; making it difficult to find the messages you need. This is when the Outlook search tool comes in to save the day. You don’t need to scroll down the list of emails to find the one that you need, simply type what you need into the search bar, and Outlook Search will do the rest!


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Is the Default Outlook Search Tool Enough?

At least, Outlook search should do the rest. However, many business people find that there comes a time when the Outlook Search tool is certainly not doing enough. With big business comes big data – more emails, more documents, more contacts. When Outlook search fails you over and over again, or becomes too slow to be useful, most start looking for an alternative Outlook search tool.  There are a few Outlook Search alternatives out on the market, for example, you may want to give Lookeen a go since Outlook search is its specialty.


Lookeen, the Best Alternative Outlook Search

The thing about Outlook search is that it is great for those who rarely need it. If you need it for one task every so often, and don’t have too much mail to search through, it’ll give you the results you need. The problem comes when you need it constantly and you need it not only to find messages, but content within them, attachments, Outlook tasks, contacts and more. Again, this is where a third-party search tool like Lookeen will meet the challenge head on.

Lookeen Outlook search toolbar

If you are afraid it will be hard to use, fear not! Lookeen has an easy set up, and it is integrated right into the Outlook as an add-in for easy access. Also, if you do run into any problems we offer free support to get you through any obstacle you may come across. The thing about Lookeen as an alternative Outlook search tool is that you can pick and choose a number of different filter functions. You gain control of how and when Lookeen begins its indexing process, and you can even edit text documents right within the preview mode.

It works faster than the regular Outlook search tool, and you can try it free for 14 days. Also, it will also work as a desktop search tool, bringing the same accuracy and ease to your desktop searches as well. This is going to immensely boost your productivity through out your workday, and you will be grateful for the added functionality of this Outlook Search alternative.

Date: 02. Mar 2016
Author: Joana Simoes
Tags: Lookeen Outlook Search Productivity

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