When searching for Enterprise, server based, computing solutions, the name Citrix often comes up. Citrix Systems is an enterprise that was founded in 1989 and is now headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Citrix has gained its reputation mainly by its terminal servers and application platforms. The current terminal server technology has its roots in a product called “Winframe”, which basically was a Windows NT 3.51 system with additional terminal server technology. This product was later replaced by “MetaFrame”. The current technology is called “Citrix XenServer”.


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Citrix XenServer

The server connects to the application server through proprietary client software, the so-called Citrix Client – which uses its own ICA-protocol. In contrast to the competitive RDP-protocol, the ICA-protocol also offers narrow-band connections, such as GPRS, with reasonable performance. For a long time, one of the unique characteristics of Citrix was the ability to publish single applications as “unlocked apps”. To achieve this, the client connects to the server, searches it, and lists all found unlocked apps. The user can then launch a desired amount of apps and execute them like local apps. Citrix is a leading technology in the terminal server market and offers high functionality, combined with excellent scalability. When looking for an efficient high performance terminal server solution, solutions by Citrix should always be taken into consideration.


Citrix and Terminal Servers in the Enterprise

The Citrix terminal Servers allow companies to participate in virtual desktop solutions across the entire enterprise. Similar to VMware, as companies continue to accumulate more data and the cost of software and hardware becomes more expensive to maintain, Virtual Desktop solutions start to look like a real solution. Centrally administered roll-out can help keep software and especially security patches up-to-date, while keeping corporate information safe and secure on company servers.

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