Clickable Images in Outlook Emails: How to (hyper)link an Image

Adding visual elements to your email can add a personal touch to it and may be beneficial, particularly for marketing-related messages. For example, you might want to add an image that links to your social media accounts or use it as a call to action. This article shows how to easily insert an image with a hyperlink in any Outlook message.


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Hyperlink an Image in Outlook step-by-step


Step 1: Open your Outlook and click “Insert” > “Picture” and add the appropriate image. 

Note: You can also simply copy & paste an image into your message.

Step 2: Click on the image. This way, you’ll highlight it.


Step 3: Select “Insert” like in step 1.


Step 4: Press “Link icon” > “Insert Link” to open the “Insert Hyperlink box”.

Note: You can also right-click in the image and select “Hyperlink…”.


Step 5: You’ll find an Address bar at the bottom. Paste the according URL there.

Step 6: Finally, click “OK”.



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To ensure that your image is linked to the according URL, simply hover your mouse cursor over the 

image and verify the link displayed.


Do you have questions? Let’s discuss them in the comment section.


See you soon!

Aline & the Lookeen team

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