Close Original Message Automatically After Replying/Forwarding for Outlook 2010 & 2007

Many people face an incoming flood of messages and tasks in Outlook on a daily basis, making efficient email management critical in our professional lives. To save time, it is possible to avoid having to manually close each window with the original mail after forwarding or replying to a message. Learn how to automatically close emails in Outlook after replying or forwarding to them.


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Outlook 2010: Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Click on the “File” tab and press “Options”.

Step 2: Select “Mail” on the left of the Outlook “Options” dialog box that appears.

Step 3: In the “Replies and forwards” section, check the “Close original message when replying or forwarding” box.

Step 4: Press “OK”. 

Now, original messages will be closed automatically after pressing the send button.


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Outlook 2007: Step-by-Step Instructions

In Outlook 2007, the steps vary slightly: 

Step 1: Click “Tools” in the upper panel and then “Options”.

Step 2: Now, the “Options” dialog box pops up. In the “Preferences Tab”, select “E-mail Options”.

Step 3: Check the “Close original message on reply and forward” box.


Step 4: Click “OK”.


Do you find this helpful? And what are your recommendations for efficient email management? Let’s discuss in the comment section!

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